What We Do

Taking strata reporting to new levels

The vast majority of strata reports provided in New South Wales today are simply narratives of information disclosed in searches of records of strata schemes.  Put simply, they are 'data dumps'.  That means they are inconclusive and often contain information that is completely irrelevant to a purchaser of an apartment. Most are prepared by inspectors who have no qualifications. Many include reams of copies for purchasers and their advisors to work through themselves.  We believe that is something you are paying us to do.


Our reporting service provides a combination of highly focused risk assessment reports which identify issues of risk for purchasers of apartments.  They include an easy to understand executive summary.  Given our considerable expertise in this area, we believe we provide a reporting service unequalled in Australia for purchasers of apartments in strata schemes.


Our reports

Because we are highly experienced we know the problems purchasers need to be aware of when buying into a strata scheme.  This means we provide reports that are:

  • Risk assessments on factual matters which are of particular relevance to a purchaser in the form of a due diligence report;
  • Conclusive, with an executive summary of our findings and without reams of copies of documents unless they are of relevance; and
  • Clear, concise and in plain English.  This allows our reports to be easily understood not only by lawyers and conveyancers, but by individual purchasers who are seeking information on a strata scheme before instructing their professional advisors to act.

Report fees start at $275 inclusive of GST, plus the statutory search fee charged by strata managers.  This is at or below the prices currently charged by most strata reporting services.


With a view to providing our clients with the most informative reports we can, we reserve the right to negotiate increased fees with complex or large schemes.

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Locations we cover in New South Wales

Our reporting service covers all major regional areas of New South Wales.

We are not practising lawyers

None of our employees or contractors are practising lawyers.  This means under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2004, we are not permitted to provide legal advice.  Clients requiring legal advice should speak to their lawyers.