What We Do

Taking strata reporting to new levels

The vast majority of strata reports provided in New South Wales today are simply narratives of information disclosed in searches of records of strata schemes. They are inconclusive and often contain information that is completely irrelevant to a purchaser of an apartment. Most are prepared by inspectors who have no professional qualifications. Many include reams of copies for purchasers and their advisors to work through themselves.  We believe that is something you are paying us to do.


Our reporting service provides a combination of highly focused due diligence reports which identify issues of risk for purchasers of apartments, coupled with our Strata Reporting Handbook which summarises the law and the practices and procedures concerning those risks. Given our considerable expertise in this area, we believe we provide a reporting service unequalled in Australia for purchasers of apartments in strata schemes.


Our reports

Because we are highly experienced property lawyers who have previously practised for many years in the area of strata title and property law, we know the problems purchasers need to be aware of when buying into a strata scheme.  This means we provide reports that are:

  • Risk assessments on factual matters which are of particular relevance to a purchaser in the form of a due diligence report;
  • Conclusive, with an executive summary of our findings and without reams of copies of documents unless they are of relevance; and
  • Clear, concise and in plain English.  This allows our reports to be easily understood not only by lawyers and conveyancers, but by individual purchasers who are seeking information on a strata scheme before instructing their professional advisors to act.

Report fees start at $250 inclusive of GST, plus the statutory search fee charged by strata managers.  This is at or below the prices currently charged by most strata reporting services.


For purchasers who have already signed contracts, we also have a special report template that deals with rights of rescission under clause 23 of the standard form contract.


With a view to providing our clients with the most informative reports we can, we reserve the right to negotiate increased fees with complex or large schemes.


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Strata Reporting Handbook - a summary of the law and procedures

Because we are acting in a non practising capacity, we cannot provide our clients with legal advice on the specific consequences of issues identified by us in strata reports.  To help clients understand the consequences of such issues, we have written and published an online publication, the Strata Reporting Handbook.  The handbook summarises the law and practices and procedures relating to issues which are commonly identified in strata search reports.


Our reports identify the issues, our handbook summarises the law.  For example, our report might state that we did not sight an annual fire safety statement.  To understand what that means for a purchaser contemplating buying an apartment, our handbook includes a summary of the law and practices and procedures on the issue.


For an introductory period, we are offering annual subscriptions to the handbook at $165 for the first year, which we will fix for the second year for clients choosing to renew their subscriptions.  The subscription service means clients not only receive the online service but also updates to describe changes to the legislation, cases and practices during the period of their subscription.  The handbook includes electronic links to the legislation and case-law mentioned.


We are in the process of expanding the contents of the handbook to include a range of other topics such as community schemes.  Subscribers will receive electronic updates to the service as soon as new topics are released.


For an introductory period, we are also offering the handbook without updates for a once off payment of $110.


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Locations we cover in New South Wales

At the moment, our reporting service covers Sydney, its inner and outer suburbs, and surrounding regions.  It will soon cover all major regional areas of New South Wales.


Keep an eye on this section of our website for announcements about new areas we cover.


Job vacancies

We need experienced and enthusiastic property lawyers from across New South Wales to work for us as contract search inspectors in a non practising capacity.  We are looking for people who not only have the required experience in property law, but are passionate about this area of law and have a commitment to excellence in the work they undertake.  We offer generous rates of remuneration, great flexibility in working hours and comprehensive training in our requirements and the use of our search templates.  Send your CV to michael@stratareporting.com .  For more information please call Michael on 0401 371 077.


We are not practising lawyers

Some of our employees or contractors may be practising lawyers in businesses not associated with Strata Reporting Services. No such employee or contractor involved in the preparation of any of our due diligence reports has done so in their capacity as a practising lawyer.


This means that amongst other things, under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2004, we are not permitted to provide legal advice.  Clients requiring legal advice should speak to their lawyers.


Nothing under the Legal Profession Act 2004 prohibits us from writing and publishing the Strata Reporting Handbook.