Our Reports

During the course of our legal careers, we have advised many clients on problems relating to apartments they were considering buying.  For purchasers that means we know what you need to know. For lawyers and conveyancers, that means our reports are as factually conclusive as we can be, are in a format with which you are familiar, and include the convenience of an executive summary and a schedule.


We provide our service not only to lawyers and conveyancers, but also to private individuals and corporations.  The reports provide a risk assessment of problems identified by us in the records of the strata scheme made available to us.  The reports also identify other non contentious factual information relevant to a purchaser of an apartment.


For purchasers who have already signed a contract and want to know whether any rescission rights have arisen because of the operation of clause 23 in the standard form contract, we have a special report template which provides information of this kind.


Due diligence report fees start at $250 inclusive of GST, plus the statutory search fee charged by strata managers.  With a view to providing you with the most informative report we can, we reserve the right to negotiate increased fees with complex or large schemes.


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We are not practising lawyers

Some of our employees or contractors may be practising lawyers in businesses not associated with Strata Reporting Services. No such employee or contractor involved in the preparation of any of our due diligence reports has done so in their capacity as a practising lawyer.


This means that amongst other things, under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2004, we are not permitted to provide legal advice.  Clients requiring legal advice should speak to their lawyers.


Nothing under the Legal Profession Act 2004 prohibits us from writing and publishing the Strata Reporting Handbook.