How We Do It

When we receive instructions to prepare a due diligence report, we acknowledge receipt of those instructions as soon as we can.  After we have made an appointment with the strata manager to conduct the search, we email the person who placed the order to let them know when the report will be provided.  Subject to the time of day instructions are received by us, and the demands of the strata manager, we make every effort to provide our report by the next business day after instructions are received.


Reports are prepared by our inspectors who are all experienced property lawyers and emailed to our general manager for approval in much the same way that partners in law firms supervise the work of their lawyers. 


Our general manager is Michael Poynder who practised as a property lawyer until 2006.  Prior to then, he had over 25 years of experience practising in the area of property law.  His career included a number of years as a special counsel in the Sydney office of one of Australia's largest top tier law firms.  In that capacity, he worked on many large and complex property transactions across Australia.  He also supervised the work of many property lawyers and conveyancers, including those involved in conveying lots in strata schemes.   


Over the past two years, Michael has performed over a thousand searches of the records of strata schemes in New South Wales for prospective purchasers.


We are not practising lawyers

Some of our employees or contractors may be practising lawyers in businesses not associated with Strata Reporting Services. No such employee or contractor involved in the preparation of any of our due diligence reports has done so in their capacity as a practising lawyer.


This means that amongst other things, under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2004, we are not permitted to provide legal advice.  Clients requiring legal advice should speak to their lawyers.


Nothing under the Legal Profession Act 2004 prohibits us from writing and publishing the Strata Reporting Handbook.