Strata Reporting Handbook

Google: ‘The definitive text explaining the issues and the consequences of commonly occurring problems facing buyers in strata schemes.  Essential reading for buyers, investors and their advisors.’

Logo: ‘The definitive text for buyers’.

In preparing our reports, we are acting in a non-practising capacity. That means we cannot provide legal advice in the reports.  That also means our due diligence reports only identify factual information obtained from the records we inspect.


To help our clients understand the consequences of issues of the kind we have identified in our reports, we provide that information in our Strata Reporting Handbook.  The handbook has been prepared in consultation with specialist strata lawyers both practising and non-practising, and experts in related areas such as fire safety and occupational health and safety.


It mirrors the headings in our due diligence reports and summarises the laws and the practices and procedures in areas of risk commonly identified in reports on strata schemes.  It includes electronic links to the legislation and case-law mentioned.


Regular on line updates detailing changes in the law and the practices and procedures are made available to subscribers to the handbook.


We are in the process of expanding the contents of the handbook to include a range of other topics such as community schemes.  Subscribers will receive electronic updates to the service as soon as new topics are released.


For an introductory period, we are offering annual subscriptions to the handbook at $165 for the first year, which we will fix for the second year for clients choosing to renew their subscriptions.


For an introductory period, we are also offering the handbook without updates, for a once off payment of $110.


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We are not practising lawyers


Some of our employees or contractors may be practising lawyers in businesses not associated with Strata Reporting Services. No such employee or contractor involved in the preparation of any of our due diligence reports has done so in their capacity as a practising lawyer.



This means that amongst other things, under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2004, we are not permitted to provide legal advice.  Clients requiring legal advice should speak to their lawyers.



Nothing under the Legal Profession Act 2004 prohibits us from writing and publishing the Strata Reporting Handbook.